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The spirit of achievement and satisfaction for a job well made are the values that the company has maintained over time


It is the year 1971, when Jose Martinez Garcia, known as Chia, works in a small blacksmith shop with his father, José Martínez Chia, from where it comes the signature which today characterizes us and gives us reference: CHIA.

It is then when he takes the decision to begin the journey as an entrepreneur by independent. Almost 50 years of history, experience and wisdom behind us in a way where our goal has been and will be our best service and immediate response to the customer.

José Martínez Chia with his wife, Carmen Garcia in the first workshop.
La Puebla de Cazalla, 1964.


In our installations we have highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the sector, which together with the technology and machinery we do our work with, we can develop projects of varying complexity and withstand high work loads that we develop in our own facilities.

We have an Adira folder of 12 meters. What allows us to work with all types of plates of large dimensions. In addition, the wide variety of tools allows us to address all the needs of our customers. We can also draw curved plates through the cylinder to make curves of 120 mm that we have in the facilities of “Espirales y Maquinaria de Transporte SL”.

In the same way, the projects in which we work parts of large tonnage are not a problem thanks to the crane bridges and the surface of more than 18000 square meters where we have our headquarters and from where we can assume special projects and engineering works to the scope of a few companies.

Coupled with the strength of our machinery and facilities, we add to our services and an extensive and complete fleet of cars, vans, large tonnage trucks, crane trucks, trailers, gondolas and extendable trailers with which move the parts and machinery that we build to any point within and outside our borders.

Finally, throughout the entire process of design, manufacture and assemble our engineering team is responsible for complying with all the internal process of quality imposed by “Espirales y Maquinaria de Transporte SL” and to the most exacting standards of the market, always following a process where take precedence the quality, safety and punctuality.