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This conveyor belt for ship loading is designed for fertilizer loading with a density up 1.5 T/m3 and a capacity up 800/900 m3/hour. Being fertilizers highly corrosive, all the parts in contact with the product were manufactured in 304 stainless steel.

It is endowed with a hydraulic central for lifting cylinders operating to vary the height of the unloading as well as the support cylinders at the front to strengthen security when loading. At the unloading area at the upper part, it is installed a piquera encauzadora of product with continuous motorized 360º spin and height variation of the long-range gutter by wireless remote control.

To avoid the degradation of the product, it contains a truck unloading feeder which can be unloaded in both winds. Both equipments can be moved independently as well as carry its own generators for its power supply.