Last Thursday, November 23rd, the 30th Anniversary Gala of Diario del Puerto took place. The event brought together more than 600 professionals from the logistics world, marking a unique occasion to celebrate three decades of exclusive dedication to the promotion of the port sector. As it could not be otherwise, Espirales CHIA was present at the event.

The commemoration took place at Ifema's South Convention Center in Madrid, an emblematic place to host the culmination of 30 years of effort and commitment by Diario del Puerto. This gala had the participation and sponsorship of Espirales CHIA and other well-known companies of the port sector. One of the surprises of the Gala was the presence of the renowned Luis Piedrahita as master of ceremonies, who illuminated the auditorium with smiles among all attendees. In addition, the anniversary was closed with the first public appearance of the new Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente. During his speech, he stressed that the logistics sector is crucial for the economy and that one of the main challenges is to promote new sustainable systems that work with clean energy.

At Espirales CHIA we would like to highlight and reaffirm the intervention of Fernando Vitoria, CEO of Grupo Diario Editorial, who explained that "We are a company of people, that relates to people and that makes its products always thinking about people. We believe that this is the key that has allowed us to grow over the years and will help us to continue for many years to come".


For his part, Paco Prado, CEO of Grupo Diario, emphasized that "what sets Diario del Puerto apart is all of you. You are part of this miracle of entrepreneurship, struggle, work, survival, positioning, development and leadership that we have achieved together in these 30 years. Thank you very much for making, between all of us, an increasingly human sector".


Presentation of the National Logistics Awards Diario del Puerto 2023

Once again, during the presentation of the National Logistics Awards Diario del Puerto 2023, the importance of people was highlighted, both in business and in any other facet of life. Magda Tatay, Editorial General Manager of Grupo Diario, underlined "People are above all".


At this event, the logistics community comes together to celebrate achievements and project a vision for the future. The presence of Espirales CHIA, with its commitment to sustainability and efficiency in industrial machinery, highlights the importance of innovation in a logistics sector that is more resilient and adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.


The 30th Anniversary Gala of Diario del Puerto is not only a celebration of past milestones, but also a renewed commitment to the future. The port logistics industry continues to evolve, and events such as this not only recognize the road travelled, but also inspire to continue moving towards new horizons of excellence and sustainability. An opportunity to reflect on the positive impact that Diario del Puerto has had on the logistics industry and on the lives of the professionals who make it up. Collaboration, joint effort and the constant search for excellence are values that we also share in Espirales CHIA, thanks to which our successful trajectory in the logistics sector is defined.

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