At Espirales CHIA we are involved in the oil sector to offer advanced solutions, both to optimize operations and to contribute to reducing environmental impact. An essential element is the technology offered by the evaporator cannons, designed to guarantee an efficient and sustainable operation.

The oil sector is essential for the production of olive oil and table olives, and for its development it faces the daily challenge of efficiently managing the resources at its disposal and at the same time managing to minimize environmental impact. In the olive sector, operations are often carried out both outdoors, generally near crops, and indoors. This means that it is essential to put in place measures to ensure the preservation of the environment and the health of workers.

What are evaporator cannons?

The evaporator cannon is a machine consisting of a conical tube equipped with a fan inside and a series of adjustable water sprays at the outlet. This system collects the water and the fan propels the atomized water into the atmosphere. During hot, sunny days, much of this water evaporates. The remaining water that falls back into the basin re-enters the spray circuit, thus maintaining the evaporation process continuously.


Key applications of the evaporator cannon

In the oil sector, evaporator cannons have multiple applications and are essential for various processes. Among them are:

Evaporation of stagnant water: during the process of extracting oil from olives, large quantities of stagnant water are generated in the pomace basins. Evaporator cannons are used to collect the water and the fan sprays it into the atmosphere.

Dust removal: They generate a water mist formed by micro-droplets that trap suspended particles, such as dust, causing them to fall to the ground. This process prevents people from inhaling the particles and, at the same time, does not wet the floor.

Flexibility: The angle of inclination of the cannon can be adjusted according to the specific wind conditions and the intensity of the sun at any given moment. This adjustment is easily done thanks to a ratchet that allows the user to modify the position of the cannon by selecting different tilt options through a series of holes. In this way, it can be quickly adapted to changing environmental conditions.


Benefits of evaporator cannons in the oil sector

Efficient removal of stagnant water: The cannon optimizes the process by offering a solution to remove stagnant water from the pomace ponds.
Regulatory compliance: They help to comply with current environmental regulations, avoiding sanctions, improving corporate image and workers' health.
Profitability: Process optimization reduces operating costs and increases production profitability.

If you are looking to improve the management of your oil company's operations and contribute to a more sustainable future, the evaporator cannon is your best ally. In addition, if you want to go a step further, at Espirales CHIA we manufacture ecological conveyor belts.

Contact us and find out how we can help you optimize your operations in the oil sector towards greater efficiency and sustainability.


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