To achieve a profitable and productive operation, in most industrial sectors, we must focus on efficient conveying and sorting of materials to ensure an efficient process. To optimise operations in mining, such as the transport of bulk solids, it is essential to have different machinery to suit each process.

Screw spiral conveyors: efficiency in conveying

Screw screw conveyors are mechanical systems designed for conveying bulk solids. They combine a helix or spiral mounted on a shaft inside a tube, providing a continuous and controlled movement of the material along the conveyor. Some of the most representative characteristics are

- Versatility: Capable of handling a wide variety of materials, from fine powders to coarse particles, with high efficiency and no material loss.
- Flexibility: Adaptability to different inclination angles and directions, allowing customised configurations according to the specific needs of the mining operation.
- Low Maintenance: Simple design reduces the need for regular maintenance, minimising operating costs and downtime.


Conveyor belts for the mining sector


Conveyor belts are a safe and cost-effective solution for moving solid materials in the mining industry. These conveyors have a remarkable capacity for transporting goods over long distances and we can manufacture customised systems that integrate perfectly into existing spaces and terrains, without the need for additional modifications.

To facilitate loading and unloading operations, the conveyor belts are equipped with hoppers. Depending on the type of material to be transported, we offer various specialised belts:

- Smooth belts, ideal for horizontal conveying.
- Ribbed belts, for inclined conveying.
- Anti-oil belts, suitable for fatty products.
- Anti-heat belts, designed to withstand high temperatures.
- Anti-abrasive belts, resistant to abrasion.
In addition, at Espirales CHIA we manufacture ecological conveyor belts that incorporate a suction system that eliminates the dust generated during the transport of materials, thus reducing the environmental impact of mining operations.


Redler conveyors for mining operations


Redler conveyors are essential for the efficient handling of bulk materials in the mining industry, including aggregates, cement, mortar, coal and highly abrasive powders. These robust machines are designed to move materials horizontally or with a slight incline, and can incorporate multiple discharge points along their structure.

One of the main advantages of Redler conveyors is their ability to provide a watertight and airtight seal, thus differentiating them from traditional conveyor belts. This feature ensures that materials are protected from adverse environmental conditions, guaranteeing safe and clean transport without generating dust or particles in suspension.

Thanks to their hermetic system, Redler conveyors offer a reliable and safe solution for the transfer of a wide range of materials, minimising environmental impact and improving operational efficiency in mining facilities.


Bucket elevators


Bucket elevators are a key part of the mining industry and other sectors that require the vertical transport of solid materials at great heights, using a minimum of physical space. This equipment allows materials to be moved quickly, safely and efficiently, making it ideal for applications where space is limited and considerable lift is required.

These systems are perfect for handling bulk solids in dry mortar plants, mineral processing, aggregates and concrete, among others. Bucket elevators are especially useful when materials need to be moved vertically or at inclination angles greater than 70 degrees.

The operation of bucket elevators is simple but effective: buckets are attached to a conveyor belt that picks up, transports and discharges the material. Depending on the type of material and the specific requirements of the discharge area, the elevators are designed with different heights, inclines and speeds to ensure optimal and tailored performance.


If you work in the mining sector, at CHIA Spirals we can offer you everything from hoppers and conveyors to winders, evaporator cannons, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, redlers and screens. We are committed to providing high quality, tailor-made solutions that improve efficiency and safety in mining operations. With over 250 professionals and projects worldwide, we are a leading manufacturer of customised industrial machinery for the mining industry. Contact us!

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