In 2016 we manufactured a loading belt for ships 36 meters long and 1.2 meters wide in Arteixo (La Coruña).

Among its main characteristics, we can highlight its antistatic and fire retardant capabilities, as well as its resistance to mineral oils and greases. This belt is mounted on a fixed chassis system for lifting and transporting it.

The hopper is made of 4,000 mm stainless steel glue. length x 2,500 mm. wide (interior light) for the reception of the product by means of a feeder.

In addition, the belt support is made up of a fixed carriage with twin solid wheels, a support system of two telescopic hydraulic cylinders to lift the belt, fed by a hydraulic power station incorporated into it, and with a rotating support. rear for elevation, two metal swivel wheels in tail to achieve lateral displacement, facilitated with the movement of the wheels at 90º.

In addition, it also has a quick hitch on the tail of the chassis coupled to the loader truck to carry out the transport of all the machinery to its work location.


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