In 2016 we carried out a new project: the manufacture of a simple hopper for Valencia.

This simple hopper of 9.000x9.000 mm. of upper mouth and 11.500 mm. of height, with a capacity under hopper of 150 m3, is composed by:

  • 1400 mm wide EP-500 4/3 smooth belt, made by single-beam chassis with troughed roller stations of 108 mm diameter, every 300 mm on the upper branch and every 2000 mm on the return.
  • Drive and idler drums of 508 mm diameter, the drive drum being rubberized.
  • 220 mm rubberized extraction drum.
  • Longitudinal load guides with rubber skirts.
  • Drive by means of a 37 kW geared motor.
  • Discharge nozzle at head.
  • The extractor is driven by solid mechanized wheels and a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a stroke of 2200 mm.
  • Hydraulic power plant with protection house and interior lighting.
  • PVC control booth, public address system and warning siren, with electrical panel attached to it.
  • Coupling of 6 hydraulic supports on the hopper legs to fix the hopper during the working operation, with overload alarm system with acoustic warning by siren and visual warning by LED lighting strip attached to the entire upper contour of the walkway for greater visibility.
  • Exterior lighting to facilitate operations in hours of reduced visibility by means of LED-type projectors.


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