We have installed two 50-meter radial stackers at the Zierbena Adosado dock in Santurce. 

The basic function of all radial stackers is to place a pile of bulk material, in this case limestone sand, stored at a uniform height and width. This is accomplished when the stacker moves in a slow turning motion (horizontally from side to side) making a curve as the material flows.

This system consists of a chain feeder for receiving product directly from the truck, with a belt width of 2,200 mm, which discharges into the stacker via a conveyor belt to improve the transition of material between the two. 

Each stacker is 50 meters long with an inspection and maintenance walkway on both sides. In addition, it includes a misting system to minimize environmental impact during operations.

Each stacker has an output of 600 tn/h with a density of 1.6 T/m3, and can store up to 60,000 tons of material between them at a stacking height of 16 meters.

apiladores radiales - cintas transportadoras

alimentadores -alimentador de cadena

cintas transportadoras portuarias

bandas transportadoras portuarias

alimentador de cadena - bandas transportadoras

alimentador de cadena - apilador radial

cinta transportadora - alimentador

cinta transportadora - banda transportadora

alimentadores de cadena  - bandas transportadoras

apilador radial - alimentador de cadena

cinta transportadora - alimentador de cadena

alimentador de cadena

alimentadores de cadena - cintas y bandas transportadoras para puertos

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